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What is unique about John Graci?

The following comments have been extracted from attendee evaluation forms over the years:

Charismatic, dynamic, filled with wit.

Energy and stamina from start to finish.

Bold, but polite. In your face, but tactful.

Not “canned” but tailored.

High energy, fun, enthusiastic, prepared. Very helpful.

No warm and fuzzies, no academic theories, just hard-core strategies and tactics from real world helping leaders on real life utilization of people and increasing profits.

Telling-it like-it-is!

Makes the complex sound simplistic.

Making the complex understandable.

Clear, practical supervisory principles.

Incredibly insightful.

Smart talk and not sugar-coated advice.

Real world thinking!

Straight shooter!

Master storyteller!

Straight shooting, no nonsense!

Thought provoking - Eye opening!


Calls it like he sees it!

Tactical and practical!

Street -smart, battle hardened (and proven) management advice.

No-nonsense supervision techniques.

Heart of a teacher!

Simple straightforward talk that resonates!

Golden Rule Management--Give Respect, Get results!

Straight talk-not sugarcoated advice...no-nonsense advice!

Assertive truth!