"Consistently Rated as a Top Speaker at Conferences! Energy is contagious-info he brought to people was practical and easy to apply. People left feeling enthusiastic and knowing they can impact the work environment."

Keynote Speaking Topics

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A Tell-it-like-it-is approach comparing at a gut level, perceptions employees and managers have of one another. The true nature of the employer - employee relationship can be defined simply as conflicting agendas. Attendees will instantly understand how their behavior or their boss’ behavior contributes to tension and friction. When leaders and employees do not get along, alliances will naturally form. Unless these conflicts are bridged or eliminated, employee motivation will go down and operating costs will go up. The results are immediate. Employees and leaders will learn skills they can take back to their desks and apply today.

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Business is about people! If a leader does not show up to work, how much of the work gets done? If employees do not show up to work, how much of the work gets done? Employees are an organization’s most valuable resource. Hang onto your hat! This program is not about warm fuzzies, no academic theories, just practical wisdom from the trenches helping employees on all levels understand how to work with a leader who shows signs of practicing management without a license. You want the truth? Well, can you handle the truth? Unless these conflicts are bridged, you put the productivity and effectiveness of the entire organization at risk in the form of poor morale and lower productivity.

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No-nonsense business and motivational speaker, John Graci, passionately believes the most profound knowledge, skills and abilities required to be an effective leader are very simple things to do. John’s no-nonsense approach will send the message loud and clear - leaders have the power to help employees feel good when they come to work, but they also have that same power to make them feel absolutely miserable. This fast moving and fun presentation will provide practical methods to help leaders improve productivity and morale of their employees. BREAKING NEWS: These so-called methods do not cost any money and are just uncommon, common sense. Non-members of management, be prepared for a several “aha” moments to help you understand how to manage upward. As a former radio announcer, John brings a rare blend of passion and enthusiasm to focus and inspire your team. John's ability to "cut to the chase" will increase employee engagement and improve your organization's performance.

Plus many, many more!